VFAT manual



CMS Geometry bits usage, meeting

    DetId 4 bits, SubDetId 3 bits, 25 bits det. spec.

New Tracker geometry, meeting

Scram v1



CDF Statistics Committee

Review of Particle Properties - Statistics section - G. Cowan

Particle Data Book

BaBar Statistics Working Group

ATLAS Higgs Working Group: Statistical Tools

Data Analysis Briefbook, a good glossary of statistical terms

SLAC User's Organization Lectures on Statistics, Aug-Sep 2000

Statistical Software Resources on the Web by Jim Linnemann

Phystat Physics Statistics Code Repository

Practical Statistics for Physicists: Lectures on Statistics by Louis Lyons

Practical Statistics for Physicists: Lectures on Statistics by Louis Lyons - given at CERN




Hyperphysics - great physics overview

Quantum mechanics course

Simple Physics Overview by Georgia University

LHC and its experiments overview

The Particle Detector BriefBook

The Data Analysis BriefBook



Supercomputational Cosmology, Simulations, Helmholz

The Particle Detector BriefBook

AI data analysis methods - AIACCESS

The Data Analysis BriefBook

Oxford English Dictionary

World Reference, dictionary



Dictionnaire Universel Francophone En Ligne

Geant4 Home Page

Geant4 User's Guide: For Application Developers

Libxml2 - XML C parser and toolkit for Gnome project


Hardware related




Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration

Theory of accelerators (CERN, AB)

LHC objectives


LHC info

Field description of the LHC, magnets details



Tracking links

CMS TRACKER alignment


Software links

Old CMS software

New CMS software

CMS software TWiki

HepMC reference

New CMS software tutorials

CMS DDD description and geometry page

CMS week May 06


Geant4 software reference

Geant4 software reference - detailed

Geant4 source code browser

Geant4 source code detailed


CMS Monitoring


DQM web site

DQM for Silicon Tracker


CERN facilities

LHC mechanical layout



LHCb velo alignment

RP alignment - CDF



MIT online courses


Some Roman Pot papers

A Very Forward Proton Spectrometer for H1

ATLAS RP studies - presentation



Presentations t0t3msw

Collaboration Meeting, Wednesday 27 September 2006

SW & Simulation meeting, Wednesday 14 September 2006 (Leszek Grzanka)

SW & Simulation meeting, Wednesday 14 June 2006

Collaboration Meeting, Wednesday 07 June 2006

SW & Simulation meeting Thursday 01 June 2006

SW & Simulation meeting Wednesday 05 April 2006

SW & Simulation meeting Thursday 02 March 2006

SW & Simulation meeting Thursday 02 February 2006

TOTEM Collaboration Meeting, Thursday 10 November 2005, Test Beam Results

RP Technical Board meeting, 25/05/05, Peeks of multiplicity in SPS data

Collaboration Meeting, Wednesday 16 February 2005, Towards the edge measurement

Collaboration Meeting, Wednesday 16 February 2005, Test beam data and preliminary analysis (Valentina Avati)

16 Feb 2005 10:40 / Towards the edge measurement

Collaboration Meeting, 10 November 2005, X5 data analysis

07 Jun 2006 17:40 / RP simulation

27 Sep 2006 11:45 / RP SW plans

13 Dec 2006 14:00 / Test beam data (T2): preliminary analysis

13 Dec 2006 15:00 / RP Software status & plans

07 Mar 2007 14:50 / RP SW status

14 Mar 2007 09:00 / Status Report on Totem

12 Jun 2007 14:00 / RP SW Status

05 September 2007 / SW Meeting

27 Sep 2006 11:45 / RP SW plans

Forward Physics at LHC with TOTEM, Penn State University



Software meetings page 2007

Software meetings page 2008

Software meetings page 2009

Software meetings page 2010

Software meetings page 2011 t0t3mWG

Analysis meeting t0t3mWG



Online score archives

Free sheet music


Indiana University online library

International Music Score LibrarybProject (IMSLP)

Classical music navigator

The Aria Database

http://www.ipasource.com - music texts and translations

Diechterliebe translation

Music texts and translations

Lieder texts and translations

Mozart online free edition

Opera guide - librettos

Digital online library


Voice synthetizer


The Science of Singing

Arie na baryton

Kwartalnik Trubadur



Code development suggestions



Bible in French

Novus Ordo Missae diary

Polish Catholic Mission in Switzerland

Dogmatics breviarium in Polish

Gregorian Chant Scores


Church music, texts

Œpiewnik towarzystwa Jezusowego

Œpiewnik internetowy

Organists of Polish Catholic Mission in Geneva



Mowia wieki





CMS-TOTEM common runs

CMS-TOTEM meeting

CMS-TOTEM data merging

CMS-TOTEM data: /castor/cern.ch/totem/offline/CMSTOTEM/

AOD data Format Table

Trigger definition: Valentina's talk


Big Data

Practical Intro to Data Science

Big Data Resources for beginners

Android resources



Collaborating companies






Fundacja Jana Pawla II

Osrodek Studium i Dokumentacji Pontyfikatu Jana Pawla II w Rzymie

John Paul II

John Paul II Foundation

CLEDAR Software

CLEDAR Solutions